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About us

University Clinical Trials Support Center

UCTSC – as a Site Management Organization (SMO) – consolidates all clinical trials previously conducted in UMP clinical hospitals, which include:

  1. University Clinical Hospital in Poznań
  2. Heliodor Święcicki Clinical Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital of Poznan University of Medical Sciences
  3. Wiktora Dega Clinical Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Hospital of Poznan University of Medical Sciences
  4. Karol Jonscher Clinical Hospital of Poznan University of Medical Sciences

In addition, the UCTSC headquarters houses a center where outpatient studies are conducted.

The Center for Clinical Trials Support is located in close proximity to the University Clinical Hospital in Poznań.

gabinet podań leków

Patient comfort and convenience were our top priorities when designing the space. The waiting room features a relaxation area for patients with comfortable sofas, a TV, and a coffee maker, as well as a tea station for those waiting for their appointments. The Clinical Trials Support Center is divided into a medical section, where outpatient clinical trials are conducted, and an administrative section.

The medical section of the Center consists of three medical offices and a medication administration room. Each office is equipped with a blood pressure monitor, a scale with a height measuring rod, and a pulse oximeter. The offices also have refrigerators for medication storage, locked and temperature-monitored. Our equipment includes EKG machines, defibrillators, centrifuges (including one with cooling capabilities), a deep freezer reaching -80 degrees Celsius, and refrigerator-freezers reaching -20 degrees Celsius. The medication administration room is equipped with four chemotherapy chairs and infusion pumps. The Center has storage rooms for materials used in the trials.

We have a specially equipped room for medication preparation. In-patient clinical trials are conducted in the clinical hospitals of Poznan University of Medical Sciences.

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