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Collaborating with UCTSC on Clinical Trials

We invite you to conduct clinical trials in collaboration with UCTSC. We provide a complete infrastructure, support in contracting, coordinating, and conducting research procedures.

We offer a user-friendly clinical facility dedicated to clinical trial implementation, featuring medical offices, the ability to administer drugs intravenously, and administrative infrastructure.

The medical part of the Center consists of three medical offices and a drug administration office. Each office is equipped with a sphygmomanometer, a scale with a stadiometer, and a pulse oximeter. The offices also feature refrigerators for drug storage, secured with key locks and centrally monitored for temperature. Our equipment includes EKG machines, defibrillators, centrifuges, including one with cooling capabilities, a deep freezer at -80°C, and refrigerated-freezers at -20°C. The drug administration office is equipped with four chemotherapy infusion chairs and infusion pumps. The Center has storage rooms for materials used in the research.