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The Clinical Trial Contracting Process

We contract and coordinate all studies conducted within the clinical hospitals of the University of Medical Sciences in Poznań.

UCTSC’s task is to direct the initial study proposal to the appropriate Investigator who has experience and the ability to conduct the clinical trial in a specific indication.

Next, we contact you with the Investigator and assist in the feasibility process, as well as, if necessary, sign the necessary documents, e.g., a confidentiality agreement.

One of UCTSC’s main goals is to expedite the contracting process and shorten it to a maximum of 60 days.

Documents required to submit a clinical trial and begin contract negotiation:

  • study protocol,
  • study budget,
  • current National Court Register or other registration document of the Sponsor and CRO (if applicable) with the names of authorized representatives,
  • authorization for the CRO to represent the Sponsor,
  • clinical trial insurance policy,
  • Pharmacy Manual

To expedite the contract negotiation for conducting clinical trials, we propose using the UCTSC contract template, which we send promptly upon request to the provided email address.

Contact for clinical trial contracting:

Inga Wałaszkowska

E-mail: Telefon: +48 508 455 229

We offer:

Efficient contract negotiations for all clinical hospitals within our University

Management, settlement, and coordination of clinical trials

Dedicated infrastructure for outpatient trials and early-phase trials

Support for trial coordinators

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) ensuring proper quality of implemented procedures

Laboratory certifications and access to validated equipment

Professional pharmaceutical supervision