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About us

Our Advantages

  • Conducting high-quality clinical research in most therapeutic areas
  • Conducting clinical research in all phases
  • Experienced research teams and access to the necessary medical, diagnostic, and modern surgical facilities, ensuring the required precision for conducting clinical trials
  • Patient-friendly outpatient clinic – a dedicated center for clinical research with medical offices, the capability for drug infusions, and administrative infrastructure
  • Years of experience in conducting commercial and non-commercial clinical trials in clinical hospitals
  • A significant number of individuals under care – we admit over 177,000 patients to our clinical hospitals annually, and we provide nearly 400,000 consultations in our outpatient clinics throughout the year
  • Support from research coordinators
  • Certified local laboratories
  • Professional pharmaceutical support – hospital pharmacies support researchers and sponsors in conducting clinical trials. The preparation of the investigational medicinal product takes place in hospital pharmacies, following GCP and GMP principles, the study protocol, and internal procedures. Hospital pharmacies oversee the proper storage conditions of medications in individual trials. Pharmacists maintain clinical trial documentation in accordance with Sponsor’s guidelines (including logs, documentation related to the preparation of the investigational medicinal product, etc.)
  • Guarantee of professional clinical trial contracting – the contracting of clinical trials and supervision of the trial conduct process in clinical hospitals and in the Early Phase Clinical Research Center is handled by qualified employees with extensive experience, possessing knowledge of the legal regulations in Poland and international guidelines related to clinical research.