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University Clinical Trials Support Center

The establishment and operation of UCTSC in Poznań were co-financed by the Medical Research Agency as part of the project “University Clinical Research Support Center (UCTSC) – a strategy for the development of clinical research, including comprehensive support for non-commercial clinical trials in northwestern Poland” (agreement number 2020/ABM/03/00012-00). The Medical Research Agency allocated over 8.6 million PLN for its establishment.

budynek UCWBK ul. Marcelińska 42

The project’s goal is to provide comprehensive and systematic support for conducting clinical research and to increase the participation of the Poznań University of Medical Sciences (PUMS) in clinical research conducted in Poland. By enhancing the efficiency of clinical research processes, UCTSC significantly contributes to Poland’s increased participation in global clinical research. The ultimate outcome of UCTSC’s activities will be the improvement of the health of the region’s and the country’s residents, resulting from the development of new knowledge obtained through innovative research and its integration into university education programs and clinical practice.

The designed organizational structure reflects a new approach to managing and organizing clinical research in the public sector, in line with the ABM guidelines and established European standards. It focuses on an organizational model that guarantees cooperation between medical entities belonging to the Poznań University of Medical Sciences (PUMS), patient organizations, and the establishment of broader relationships with primary healthcare.

As a Site Management Organization (SMO), UCTSC consolidates all clinical trials previously conducted in UMP clinical hospitals. This has optimized both the contracting and recruitment processes, as well as human resource management (e.g., joint coordinator teams). The new structure actively involves patient organizations – the nationwide Urszula Jaworska Foundation – in patient relations and communication. Moreover, through structured cooperation with primary care physicians, a much broader patient population has the opportunity to participate in clinical trials.

As the University Clinical Research Support Center, we conduct research from Phase I to Phase IV post-registration trials. Our researchers have experience in the following therapeutic areas: oncology, hematology, cardiology, cardiothoracic surgery, vascular surgery, transplantology, gastroenterology, metabolic diseases, diabetology, pediatrics, neonatology, neurology, endocrinology, pulmonology, gynecology, dermatology, rheumatology, orthopedics, and ophthalmology.

UCWBK leverages its potential within the structure of Poznan University of Medical Sciences, along with its four clinical hospitals, for which it is the founding unit, namely:

  1. University Clinical Hospital in Poznań
  2. Heliodor Święcicki Clinical Gynecology and Obstetrics Hospital of Poznan University of Medical Sciences
  3. Wiktora Dega Clinical Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Hospital of Poznan University of Medical Sciences
  4. Karol Jonscher Clinical Hospital of Poznan University of Medical Sciences

It is an entity capable of influencing the macro-regional scale, and therefore plays at least the role of one of the leaders in co-creating the market in Poland for a modern approach to clinical research, attracting sponsors on a global scale.

Rejestracja UCWBK ul. Marcelińska 42

The project is also partnered with the Polish Myeloma Consortium, which brings experience in sponsoring non-commercial clinical trials to the project structure. In its organizational work, PKSz will provide know-how to incorporate this element into UCTSC’s procedures.

The University Clinical Trials Support Center, operating under the Poznan University of Medical Sciences, is also a member of the Polish Clinical Trials Network (PCTN).

Within the project, four main tasks are being carried out:

I. Administrative project management – the period of project implementation covers the entire project duration.

II. Adaptation, modernization, and equipping of UCTSC – this task has been completed.

III. Staff engagement – the task is being gradually implemented.

IV. Purchase of quality systems and other supporting systems – covers the entire project duration.